MRCs operate to provide migrants with information and counselling in various areas, such as overseas employment, rights and protection of migrants, access to education systems in other countries, skills development and vocational training programmes in Pakistan. More importantly, our team of counsellors provides you with awareness on the benefits of safe and regular migration and the dangers and consequences of irregular migration.

In essence, MRCs strive to provide:

  • Clear, accessible and understandable information to potential migrants on possibilities for orderly migration, as well as rules and regulations, including relevant pre-departure information;
  • Pre-departure orientation and information on work and living conditions abroad and their rights and obligations to outgoing migrants;
  • Awareness raising of and providing clear information to potential migrants on the risks and dangers associated with irregular migration.

MRCs do not only focus on the general public/future migrants but also other, institutionalised stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental), who are directly or indirectly involved in the facilitation or communication of migration related issues. Thus, MRCs conduct several information sessions at vocational and technical training schools, universities, colleges and schools as well as with the communities.