MRCs provide information and counselling to intended migrants on safe migration and raise awareness on irregular migration and the related serious risks, in order to empower potential migrants and encourage them to make informed choices. MRCS also provide referral to skills providing institutions and trade testing centres in Pakistan.


Counselling is one of the core services offered at the MRCs. Clients can benefit from one-to-one consultations at our premises, but they can also choose to consult our Counsellors over the phone, skype or email. Our counselling is free-of-cost and strictly confidential

We provide guidance on a number of issues including:

  • the processes and procedures involved in all stages of the migration cycle,
  • employment or education opportunities abroad,
  • rights and duties of migrants in destination countries,
  • socio-cultural norms and labour laws of destination countries,
  • verification of overseas employment promoters, government fees and the role of various institutions in the migration cycle.

Providing intending migrants with an opportunity to consult our Counsellors will not only enable them to make an informed decision, but also help us in achieving our objectives of raising awareness on the issues of safe migration, irregular migration and its consequences, migrant smuggling and human trafficking.

Pre-departure Briefings

Pre-departure briefings are important for the protection of migrants and migrant workers. These briefings provide basic information to departing migrants to ease their transition into the country of destination and empower them with necessary and useful information to maximize the benefit of their overseas employment experience.

MRC staff provides pre-departure orientation to those who are ready to go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Malaysia and South Korea for employment.

During pre-.departure orientation we provide detailed information on:

  • migrant workers’ rights and duties,
  • safety and health at workplace,
  • general working and living conditions in the destination country,
  • key challenges one might encounter and coping strategies, and
  • a detailed list of all important contacts in case of emergency.

Orientation Sessions for Intending Migrants and Students

MRCs provide free of cost orientation to intending migrants (workers, professionals and students). We emphasise on informing people about safe migration whether it is for employment, settlement or education. The orientation sessions highlight the benefits of regular migration and exposes the hazards and consequences associated with irregular migration. These sessions are designed to help migrants in not only making an informed decision but also ensure the migration process is smooth and comfortable. We provide these orientation sessions in our offices, in the Protectorate’s office in Rawalpindi and in the office of Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan.

MRCs recognize the importance of technical and vocational training institutions in promoting skilled migration. We have designed free of cost orientation classes for students at technical and vocational institutions, colleges and professional universities. These classes cover safe migration, the current migration trends and social and economic benefits of migration. MRC counsellor’s visit technical institutions, colleges and universities to hold awareness session on a regular basis.

Referral Facilitation

MRC has established a referral system with Government and private institutions to facilitate the migration process based on individual needs. MRC Counsellors can assess the needs of intending migrants and refer them to relevant institutions to get necessary documentation, trade testing, certifications, verification of advertised jobs by overseas employment promoters and register their grievances if any.