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Overseas Pakistani Advisory Council (OPAC)

The Government of Pakistan attaches high priority to the overseas Pakistanis and is keen to promote, nurture and sustain a mutually beneficial and productive relationship between Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis. Currently over nine million Pakistanis or more than four percent of the country’s population are residing in 115 different countries around the world. The overseas Pakistanis are playing a pivotal role in the development and growth of their homeland through remittances.  As per directives of the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development the Overseas Pakistani Advisory Council (OPAC) is being revived/re-activated in order to have a broader perspective and understanding of the problems/issues faced by overseas Pakistanis throughout the world. The council to consist of notable overseas Pakistanis, working/settled in different countries who have made valuable contributions for the cause of country of origin as well as for the betterment of Pakistani community. OPAC will also suggest corrective measures as well as steps required to address the various issues facing Pakistani community. Besides, OPAC will also assist OPF to create awareness about various services offered by OPF for overseas Pakistanis as well as their dependents .Pakistani Missions abroad have forwarded nominations of notable overseas Pakistanis who have substantially contributed to the cause of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis in their host countries. However, it was felt necessary on the part of OPF to form a homogeneous group by inviting nominations of prospective members through its website.

Region-wise Representation in OPAC

The OPAC to comprise of 50 members, with region wise representation of high overseas Pakistanis concentration areas i.e., Middle East, Europe, Americas. 


Advisory board membership is selected to provide the mix of expertise necessary to advance the welfare of overseas Pakistanis as well as in accordance with the Vision & Mission of OPF;

  • The Advisory Council consists, inter alia, of reputed individuals from overseas Pakistanis who are committed to, individually or collectively, to address issues related to overseas Pakistanis abroad.
  • Well reputed overseas Pakistanis including philanthropists, technocrats, social workers, businessmen etc. who have substantially contributed to the cause of Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis in their host countries.
  • Nomination to be duly endorsed by the respective Pakistan Mission abroad.
  • Engaged in a reflective, self-evaluative process to improve the effectiveness of the Council.
  • Should maintain good reputation and not involved in any anti Pakistan activities as well as financial scam etc.


  • The OPAC members to maintain close liaison with Pakistan community in the host country and will highlight the problems being faced by overseas Pakistanis abroad.
  • To act as an effective communication link between the community as well as the relevant stakeholders i.e., OPF and concerned Pakistan Mission abroad.
  • To suggest proposals regarding policy formulation beneficial to overseas Pakistanis.
  • To suggest measures for the welfare and betterment of Pakistanis living abroad.
  • To motivate local Pakistani community to send remittances through legal channels.
  • To maintain close liaison with local authorities for the benefit of Pakistani community.
  • To assist and arrange meetings with Pakistani community as well as local authorities in collaboration with Pak Mission during visits of various delegations of Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & HRD/OPF from time to time.
  • To advise on any other relevant matter.


  • The member of OPAC to serve on voluntarily basis; no monetary benefit will be admissible.
  • The Private Members may participate in the activities/meetings arranged by the Pakistani Missions abroad and OPF in Pakistan at their own expense.

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Overseas Pakistanis Youth Council

Formations of Overseas Pakistanis Youth Council (OPYC) under the auspices of OPF for young Pakistanis settled abroad, who are less familiar with their country of origin and who have not visited Pakistan for an extended period, but have a desire to know their heritage/culture/roots.

The selected members of OPYC to have an insight into the making of Naya Pakistan and to gain substantial knowledge of varied aspects of life in the country. The participants to visit places of cultural, social and religious significance have meetings with well-known personalities from different walks of life and enjoy a unique opportunity to be apprised of their heritage and the process of current development initiatives in Pakistan. The participants of OPYC will have the opportunity for an audience with the honorable President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan. On their return to their home countries, it is envisaged that they will act as the ambassadors of Pakistan.

The members of OPYC to act as brand ambassadors of Pakistan and OPF in the country of their residence. They will be expected to apply their learning experience to project a positive image of Pakistan. The visit will be an eye-openers for the participants, a rare acquainting experience with their motherland, due to which most of the participants will seriously start thinking on the lines of returning permanently to Pakistan bringing with them solid educational back ground and in some cases working experience of prominent western organizations.

Initially, OPF is targeting around 20 students from United Kingdom, Europe and Americas in the lunching phase to be made part of OPYC. As per conditions the members of OPYC to be selected for a period of one year. Nominations to be forwarded duly endorsed by Pakistani Missions abroad. OPF will maintain close liaison with them for a fruitful future collaboration.


  • Applicant must be a student of a recognised and a registered educational institution.
  • Age of applicant should be between 18 to 25 years.


  • The members of OPYC to be selected for a period of one year.
  • Return international airfare to be borne by the applicant.
  • Expenses on local hospitality, travelling, boarding/lodging to be borne by OPF.
  • Application form to be endorsed by respective Pakistani Mission abroad.
  • Any false information will be liable to cancellation of application.


  1. The duration of the visit to be for one week.
  2. During their stay in Islamabad the participants to also visit Lahore and Peshawar.
  3. An OPF conducting officer to accompany the participants throughout the tour. OPF Regional Offices at Lahore and Peshawar to closely coordinate all tour activities.
  4. Governmental organizations and agencies to extend assistance to make the tour a success and to ensure security of the participant

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American Pakistan Foundation

APF is a national platform for mobilising the collective knowledge, resources, and influence of Pakistani Americans, and friends of Pakistan, to strengthen and highlight Pakistani-American civic and political participation in the United States, advance socio-economic development in Pakistan at scale, and foster stronger ties between the peoples of the U.S. and Pakistan.

Immigration Support

  • The American Pakistan Foundation supports the smooth settlement and assimilation of new arrivals and Pakistani-Americans into mainstream life in the United States.
  • We hope to facilitate this through:
  • Introduction to available educational, social and health services,
  • Minimization of culture shock,
  • Fulfilment of participant objectives (to discourage alienation and feeling as second class citizens), and
  • Encouraging Pakistanis to realize their potential in order to foster positive contributions to society.
  • APF Community Support Seminars
  • The Education System and Basics of American Society
  • APF has held community support seminars which have highlighted the services offered at public libraries, including adult education services that focus on topics such as computer and English-language skills.
  • American Healthcare System, Health Insurance, and Healthcare
  • APF has held community support seminars which have focused on topics such as applying for state sponsored health insurance for children and pregnant women, access to care and emergency for the uninsured, the basics of good health-exercise and nutrition, women’s health issues, etc.
  • Social Services, Interacting with Authorities, and Women’s Issues
  • Credit, Home Ownership and Long Term Issues

APF Fellow Program

The APF Fellows Program is for U.S. based students and professionals who are committed to creating positive socioeconomic change in Pakistan.

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Pakistan Association of Western Australia

To promote friendship and goodwill between the people of Pakistan and Australia.

To promote better communication, liaison and understanding between the Association and government departments, local bodies, ethnic and cultural associations.

To develop and promote social, cultural and sporting activities amongst its members.

To promote and encourage members of the Pakistani community to be proud of their customs, language, culture and values.

For more information please click on the link below:

Pakistan Australia Culture Association

Founded in 1984, PACA is one of the most recognised Pakistani organisations in Australia.

PACA is open to all people of Pakistani descent & take pride in promoting Pakistani interests and culture while at the same time being a vibrant member of the Australian Society promoting love.

For more information about our work in Australia and the support services we provide in detail:

Pakistan Students Association of Australia

British Pakistan Foundation

The British Pakistan Foundation engages, unites and empowers the UK’s more than one million British Pakistanis, by bringing them together through a single platform, creating networks and making a real difference to their work and their lives across the UK.

Founded in 2010, we are London-based, not-for-profit, secular, and bi-partisan but run programmes nationwide in partnership with local community building organizations working for the BAME community. While boosting community building, the BPF also acts as a liaison between the diaspora and governmental and non-governmental organisations in both the UK and Pakistan.

The British Pakistan Foundation engages, unites and empowers the UK’s more than one million British-Pakistanis, by bringing them together, creating networks and making a real difference.

The vision is to become a single platform for our community, to serve and protect their best interests.

BPF offers three key programmes, one for the specific needs of professionals and entrepreneurs, one for women and one for the youth:

Business Professionals’ Programme

Professionals and entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of the British economy and the skills and talent in the British Pakistani community are no exception. Our Business Professionals’ Programme is the ideal space for professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders to exchange ideas, provide support and find like-minded collaborators.

Women’s Programme

Right now, our Women’s Programme is helping talented British Pakistani women forge strong networks where they can share career advice as well as receive valuable peer-to-peer support, mentoring, opportunities to network and collaborate.

Young Professionals’ Programme

The Young Professionals’ Programme helps hundreds of young people access vital mentorships and work opportunities, attend skill-building workshops and get early stage career advice from some of the leading professionals in their field.

Underpinning each programme are forums tailored to the needs of specific professions. It is here where members can take full advantage of the benefits of membership:

  • Academic
  • Arts & Culture
  • Digital Services & Technology
  • Entrepreneurs & Start Ups
  • Finance
  • Government & Politics
  • Law
  • Medicine & Life Sciences

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Other Diaspora Communities across the world

Pakistan Community of Barcelona

Pakistan Federation Spain- Pak Federacion de Espana

Pakistan Association Greece

Germany Pakistan Community

Pakistan Norway Association- PANA