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8 Points on safe migration

Do's and Don't for Safe Migration

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ICMPD Regional Migration Outlook 2021 South and West Asia (Silk Routes)

Migration Information Needs Assessment Study Pakistan June 2021

Third party evaluation of Migrant Resource Centres

Migration Reporting Guidelines

Tool Kit Reporting Migration in Pakistan


Safe and Informed Migration Webinar: Impact of COVID-19 on Returning Pakistani Migrants

National Virtual Conference on International Migrants Day 2020

Hazards and Dangers of Irregular Migration | Say No to Irregular Migration

What are the benefits of Legal Migration | Ways of Legal Migration from Pakistan

How to legally Migrate to Turkey | Migration to Turkey | Study Opportunity in Turkey

What Services does MRC offer | MRC Services | How can MRC support you

How to Search Job Abroad

Irragular Magirant (Turkey)

Video Message by Dr. Maria Zulfiquar | Study Abroad

Study Abroad Guidelines During COVID19 | Know More About Study Visa | Education Abroad from Pakistan

Migrant Stories | How to Find Job in GCC Countries

Know About Study Opportunities in Turkey | Guide for Students who Wish to Study in Turkey

Romania Migration on Work Permit | Know About Work Permit for Romania

MRC Live Session on Turkey Visa Information | Travel to Turkey | Things to Know Before Travel

How to Migrate Turkey Legally | Benefits of Legal Migration

What are the Dangers of Irregular Migration | Risks of Irregular Migration

Story of Amjad | Irregular Migrant | Dangers of Irregular Migration

Beaten by the Border | Life of Migrants | Episode 1

MRC Live Session on Study Abroad Opportunities for Pakistani Students

Information About the Process of Finding Job Abroad and the Process of Advertisement Verification

MRC Live Session on COVID 19 | Migration from Pakistan

Rights of Pakistani Migrants Working Abroad

What is Irregular Migration | Dangers of Irregular Migration

Associated Challenges with Irregular Migration

Important Information on Turkey Visit Visa | Turkey Visa | Travel Abroad

How to Search a Job Through Overseas Employment Corporation

Safe and Legal Migration from Pakistan (Study Abroad)

Important Video Message for Students Who are Planning to Go Abroad for Education

Awareness Raising on Safe Migration in Different Communities | Pakistan

Preventive Measures of COVID-19

COVID-19 and Migrants

Important Information for Iqama Holders of Qatar

Prevent Measures to Keep Safe from Corona Virus

How to Verify OEPs

Know About Jobs Abroad | How to Search Job from Pakistan

Travelling Back Home Country During COVID-19

Message for Overseas Pakistanis in Pashto language

Migration and Spread of Corona Virus

Truth Behind Azaad Visa

Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) Pakistan and the Services Provided by MRC

Be Aware of Fake Agents

Preventive Measures of COVID-19 expalined by Dr. Sara

Doing a Job Abroad has Changed- explained by Waqar Ahmad, Producer PTV

Be Aware of Fake Agents! (2)

Know About Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Migrant Worker (URDU)

Know About Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Migrant Worker (English)

Students Visa Update

Know About Study Abroad | Your Guide to Study Abroad

What to Do if You have Recently Returned from a Country Affected by Corona Virus

Impact of COVID-19 on Migrants

Important Points for Traveling to/from Countries Affected by Corona Virus

Services Offered by Protectorate of Emigrants Office | POE Services | BEOE Services

Know About Fake Agents | Be Aware About Fake Agents | Do Not Trust Fake Agents

Safe and Regular Migration | Know the Ways of Safe Migration | Dangers of Irregular Migration

How to Avoid Fake Jobs | How to Verify OEPs | Safe Migration | Fraud by Agency

Know the Legal Ways to Go Abroad | Avoid Dealing with Fake Agents

Know the Legal Ways to Go Abroad | Want to Go Abroad Legally

Irregular Migration In Pashto Language

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Study Abroad Process

Changes in Kafala System in KSA









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Pakistani Associations abroad

This list provides you with associations in your country of work, study or residence – they can function as a support network and can guide you through grievance processes.

OPF Membership Card (Voluntary and Compulsory)

Migrant Resource Centres - Arab Emirates

Foreign Exchange Remittance Card

Pakistan Remittance Initiative

Handbook for Overseas Pakistanis

Labour Laws Abroad

Labor Rights Korea

Labour Laws for KSA - summary

Labour Laws for KSA

Labour Laws for Malaysia -summary

Labour Laws for Qatar

Labour Laws for UAE- summary

Labour Laws of Bahrain

Labour Laws for UAE

Labour Laws of Malaysia

Labour Laws of Oman

Labour Laws of Qatar