Types of migration

What is labour migration?

Are there different categories and profiles of migrants that you should be familiar with?

Where do migrants settle in?

How many people migrate from Pakistan?

Who can migrate?

Why do people immigrate to other countries?

What are the different cycles of migration that you will go through?

Sponsorship system

Why is it called the sponsorship system?

What is the Kafala system?

The difficulties of migrant workers under the Kafala system

Why does the kafeel keep your passport?

Benefits and challenges of migration

What are the things you’ll gain working abroad?

What are the main challenges when you’re abroad?

Risks associated with being a migrant worker

Are immigrants treated well in the destination countries?

Safe migration

What are the different forms of illegal recruitment used by illegal recruiters?

Illegal recruiters target everyone

Warning signs

Protect yourself

Jobs offers and employment frauds

Recruitment system in Pakistan

Recruitment system in Pakistan

How do you seek overseas employment?

What is a recruitment agency?

How do you check on legitimate recruitment agencies or employment opportunities? How do you approach them?

The recruitment process through overseas employment promoter

What are the selection criteria?


What do you do in case of recruitment violations?

Documents for overseas employment

Obtaining a copy of the contract while in Pakistan

What type of visa do you need?

Visa for work

How long is the visa valid?

Free Visa

What is visa trading? Why would sponsors trade visas?


Working abroad documents

How do you manage your finances? How do you save? How can you establish or maintain a good credit history?

The duration of your residence permits is linked to your employment contract.

Working abroad

What kind of work can you do?

What are the applicable labour laws and rules in the destination country that you should be familiar with?

What are safety and protection measures?

What if your work is not in line with what is included in the contract?

What if you do not like the work, what can you do?

Can you change employers?