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Warning signs

  • The person/agency if offering you a guaranteed income or job abroad, pretending they know a legal shortcut, and they have good connections. Be suspicious of unsolicited work opportunities or job offers.
  • The person/agency asks you to pay a fee for more information about the job. Do not pay any fees without asking about services included and the costs covered by foreign employers. See more information about applicable fees on the MRC website
  • The person/agency does not offer you contact details such as a street address, only a post office box, or an email address. Do not deal with an employer or company that does not have a street address; they can be difficult to contact or trace later on if you need it.
  • You are asked to transfer money on your behalf or someone else, which may be money laundering. Avoid any arrangement with someone that asks for payment via money order, wire transfer, or electronic currency. It is almost impossible to recover money sent this way.