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How do you check on legitimate recruitment agencies or employment opportunities? How do you approach them?

BEOE usually publishes online the current status of recruitment agencies, or whether they are suspended and with pending cases or complaints. Read more about on their website

The most common indicators or signs of illegal recruitment are the following:

  • Does not have a “foreign demand”
  • Immediately ask you for fees or payments;
  • Does not issue any receipt or invoice; if released, it is generic and does not contain details such as an address, tax identification number, license number, etc.
  • Promises to fast track the process for employment application using tourist or visit visa;
  • Advices you not to go through an authorised government agency and deal with them exclusively;
  • Requires you to have medical examinations even without contract or job assurance;
  • Recruits in malls, parks, restaurants, houses and in other places which are not its official or registered address;
  • Poses as connected to a high-ranking official or persons with authority;
  • Does not disclose or explain in detail the recruitment process or the employment; they are evasive in their answers or information;
  • Does not also ask you questions and does not check your background or your skills/knowledge/competencies; they just accept all types of applicants as long as they pay;
  • Offers jobs online and requests for bank transfers without meeting in person.

You can find overseas employment either through recruiting agents (public or private agencies) or through your own effort.