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Documents for overseas employment

If you decided to work abroad, you have already taken steps in this direction. Collecting and get legal approval of all necessary documents, it’s an important step. Check out which documents you already possess.

Make sure that the documents have their red ribbon/ certification, authentication, or verification to ensure that they will be recognized as valid documents in the destination country. The red ribbon is usually processed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Keep in mind that in many countries there is a criminal or administrative sanction in place for:

  • individuals using a false document (such as the use of false Travel Document/National ID card etc. to enter the destination countries fraudulently)
  • the use of supporting documents to support fraudulent applications for genuine travel documents, visas, or extensions of permission to remain in a destination country (fraudulently obtained genuine travel documents/visas/national ID cards, etc.).

Making or using a false document is a serious offence and often punished with prison. Stay safe and do not accept to use false documents under any conditions. In case of doubt, validation and verification of documents can be easily done by the issuing authority.