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How do you manage your finances? How do you save? How can you establish or maintain a good credit history?

The following are some tips and advice:

  • Prioritise spending on your needs rather than wants and other non-essential items.
  • Pay your debts and loans on time. Do not borrow money to pay another debt.
  • Invest some of your savings in some business either through you directly (passive investment) or through your family members who can be more actively engaged if they do not have other jobs.

There are online courses on financial literacy and inclusion that offer information on:

  • Better management of remittances
  • Effective savings techniques
  • How to get out of debt
  • Where to invest your money
  • How to become a business owner

Online courses:

Such courses are also available at the information centres for migrants. The MRC in Pakistan offers training sessions on financial literacy You may inform your family members and encourage them to participate in the classes as well. They can contact the MRCs at