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Want to go abroad

Good! then make an informed decision. We can provide you the required information.

Going abroad to work and reside means that you have to temporarily leave behind your family, friends, your usual lifestyle, etc. This requires thinking, weighing on pros and cons, and evaluating the situation before making a decision. 

We can advise you and your family while taking a decision on leaving Pakistan. We can help you in number of ways by providing guidance and directions on various issues including:

  • the process and procedures involved in going abroad
  • overseas  employment opportunities
  • information on access to available government services
  • referral to other service providers
  • destination country specific information
  • skills training opportunities
  • para-legal, career and social counselling
  • migrants’ rights and duties
  • self-protection while living abroad
  • complaint mechanism 
  • foreign culture, rules and regulation
  • financial literacy
  • adaptation technique 
  • safe and successful return 

We have counsellors at Migrant Resource Centre, who are experts in migration. They will provide you timely and accurate information to make your migration a safe and successful one. You can reach the MRC counsellors by visiting the MRC offices or have one to one sessions via phone or messenger chat.  

All of our services are free! Rest assured about privacy because our counselling sessions are strictly confidential and private.

Visit us at our Islamabad and Lahore offices. We are at your service!

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Before you leave

Before leaving the country take the pre-departure orientation at the Protectorate of Emigrants Office.

MRCs also provide pre-departure session/training to the prospective and outgoing migrants. In these sessions, MRC counsellors try to provide accurate and latest information to the participants regarding safe migration. Employment, settlement or education, whatever the reason for your migration, we will provide tailor-made information which are must to know for you.

These information will help you make smart decisions and to adapt to the new surroundings abroad. We conduct these sessions at different technical and vocational institutions, colleges and universities. Through these sessions/trainings you will get to know about the common migration trends, benefits of safe migration, risk and consequences of smuggling and human trafficking.

In addition to this session, MRCs regularly conduct awareness sessions on safe migration in remote areas. The sessions the MRCs conduct are free of cost.

Please contact us or visit our MRC Islamabad and Lahore offices if you want us to visit your academic institutions or community to raise awareness on migration.

*Privacy Note: The Migrant Resource Centres applies ICMPD’s privacy rules and data protection principles. Click here to view ICMPD’s Privacy Note.

Who else can help

We work with government and non-government agencies that support people like you- to inform Pakistanis who want to go abroad, who face trouble in another country or who want to return. We refer you to the right government agency or NGO who can help you in their area of expertise throughout your journey abroad. The following list of institutes and services might be of interest to you:

Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (MOPHRD)

The following organisations work under the Ministry:

  • Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BE&OE)
    The Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment is a centralized agency of the Federal Government for processing recruitment demands of the Pakistani manpower through Licensed Overseas Employment Promoters, etc. for the different manpower importing countries in the world especially in the Middle East.
  • Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)
    The Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) aims to look after the interests and welfare of overseas Pakistanis and their families by providing them multiple services and assisting them in seeking redressal for their grievances.
  • Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC)
    The Corporation is mandated to promote employment of professionals, highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower in foreign countries. Apart from meeting the specific and exacting standards of foreign employers, the Corporation also acts as a protector of emigrants to ensure the welfare of emigrant personnel and to promote harmonious working relationship between the employers and the employees.
  • Employees Old-age Benefits institution (EOBI)
    Provision of compulsory social insurance. It extends following benefits to insured persons or their survivors: Old-Age Pension; Survivor's Pension; Invalidity Pension; Old-Age Grant
  • National Industrial Relations Commission Islamabad (NIRC)
    NIRC regulates relation between employers and workers inter se. It deals with the unfair labour practice on the part of employers and workers, resolution of industrial disputes, registration of transprovisional trade union and unions in Islamabad, federation and determination of Collective Bargaining Agents.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a border control, criminal investigation, counter-intelligence and security agency under the control of the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan, tasked with investigative jurisdiction on undertaking operations against terrorism, espionage, federal crimes, fascism, smuggling as well as infringement and other specific crimes.

Passport Office

A must need to travel abroad is a valid passport. If you want to cross your own country’s border you will need a passport. You can apply for a machine readable passport through online or submit the application physically. Pakistani passports are issued by the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports of the Ministry of Interior from regional passport offices and Pakistani embassies.

Labour & Human Resource Department (LHRD)

LHRD is promoting the Welfare and Protecting the Rights of Labour Force and Workmen. The Labour & Human Resource Department is concerned with the Promotion of healthy labour management and Industrial Relations for greater socio-economic progress and development.

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Be informed

Safety first! Before deciding to migrate, find out as much as you can about the place where you will work or stay, the nature of your employment, the living and working conditions there and the cultural and environmental situation. Talk to your family and friends and seek help from MRC.

Migrate legally

Travelling without visa and other legal documents is a bad decision. Migrate only if you have all the documents you need for this travel, including your visa and work permit. Irregular migration puts you under many risks, such as exploitation or work without pay.

If you are offered or promised a job abroad, know the recruiter

Do not trust everyone. Find out as much as you can about the recruitment agency that is assisting you in finding work abroad. What is their reputation? Do they have a license for their work? Are they asking you to lie about your age or to work without a contract? Are they offering tourist visas instead of work permits?

Sign a contract before you accept an employment offer

Contracts are important! Ask to have a contract signed with the recruitment agency or employer. Without a contract, your work is not secure. Understand the details of your contract. It should be written in a language that is clear to you and signed by you and your employer.

Protect your Documents

Keep your personal documents safe. Make photocopies of your passport, visa, work contract, etc. Keep the original copies in a safe place and keep photocopies with yourself and your family. Do not allow your employer or recruitment agency to keep your personal documents even if they demand for it.

In Emergencies

Be prepared. Always carry with you a list of important telephone numbers including local police, ambulance, fire department, your friends and family, the Pakistani embassy or consulate, NGOs, trade union, migrants’ associations and the Migrant Resource Centres in Islamabad and Lahore.

Keep contact with other people

Do not be alone. Keep regular contact with your friends and family in Pakistan. Let them know that you are well and safe. Befriend and interact with other migrants in your place of work. Get regular feedback from your employer and colleagues. This way, you can help and support one another.

Protect yourself

If you have problems, talk with a trusted person. Seek help from NGOs or authorities for advice and protection, such as the Pakistani Embassy or Consulate. Use your income wisely. Maintain your remittance to your family but also save something for yourself. Use only the legitimate remittance companies in sending your money back in Pakistan.

All of our services are free! Rest assured about privacy because our counselling sessions are strictly confidential and private.

Visit us at Islamabad and Lahore. We are at your service!

*Privacy Note: The Migrant Resource Centres applies ICMPD’s privacy rules and data protection principles. Click here to view ICMPD’s Privacy Note.

Be aware

Travelling without a valid passport, valid visa, work permit, manpower clearance or other legal documents or crossing the border in an illegal way is a bad decision. If you are traveling without the required legal documents then you are putting yourself under a big risk. Entering to or staying in a country without proper documents is a breach of law thus it is an act of irregular migration. Irregular migration has many negative consequences that you might face, such as:

  • Lack of freedom of movement
  • Always a need for an escape
  • Deprivation  of actual salary and other benefits
  • Maltreatment by the employer
  • Victim of human trafficking
  • Deprivation of help and support 
  • Financial loss and psychological trauma
  • No medical facility in government hospitals
  • Arrest and punishment with imprisonment
  • Deportation to the country of origin
  • Lifetime banning for the visa processing by the government

Be careful

There are fake agents or intermediaries who use various means, strategies, and schemes to consume their unlawful acts. These middlemen are not registered Overseas Employment Promotors and not recognised by law or any other authority. They may offer you a ‘free visa’, promise you a healthy salary and good opportunities abroad, get you the fake documents required for travelling. 

Be observant, cautious, and vigilant about recruitment agencies. Always check with the government agency in charge of regulating or monitoring them. Make it a habit to double or triple check their current status:

Be vigilant

The agent can charge you more money than the required fees and they can out you under a life threatening situation during your journey to a foreign country. Know about the actual fees and procedures for going abroad by visiting your nearest Protectorate of Emigrant Office or visit / contact the MRC. The Government of Pakistan has a fixed cost for prospective migrants for specific countries.

Other risk factors

Even if you travel in a legal way to another country, however you may become an irregular migrant if you overstay your visa or work permit. Becoming an irregular migrant will put you in vulnerable situation in the foreign country.

You may be expelled or deported to Pakistan if you do not have legal permits to stay in a foreign nation.

We provide more information on this matter absolutely free of cost. Visit us at MRC Islamabad and MRC Lahore.

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Returning from abroad

You are experienced now. The skills that you have obtained while working abroad are transferable. You can apply these skills in your motherland, at your new workplace. Perhaps you can apply for a job in your home county-that is similar to your previous work abroad- or start off a new venture on your own. If you want to become an entrepreneur, try to utilise your foreign country experience and knowledge and come up with innovative ideas; create new businesses. Use your own savings and apply for bank loans.

However, some returnee migrants might have unpleasant experiences in their destination countries. You might have been tortured, cheated and forced to return to your homeland . You have every right to complain about it.

If you want to report a complaint you can make it online. BEOE can help you in this regard. Visit, fill in the form and describe the incident. After submitting the complaint you will be given a pin number to check your complaint status.

You can also visit MRCs for advice. We can refer you to responsible authority to solve your problem. This service is confidential, private and free of cost.

*Privacy Note: The Migrant Resource Centres applies ICMPD’s privacy rules and data protection principles. Click here to view ICMPD’s Privacy Note.