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Be aware

Travelling without a valid passport, valid visa, work permit, manpower clearance or other legal documents or crossing the border in an illegal way is a bad decision. If you are traveling without the required legal documents then you are putting yourself under a big risk. Entering to or staying in a country without proper documents is a breach of law thus it is an act of irregular migration. Irregular migration has many negative consequences that you might face, such as:

  • Lack of freedom of movement
  • Always a need for an escape
  • Deprivation  of actual salary and other benefits
  • Maltreatment by the employer
  • Victim of human trafficking
  • Deprivation of help and support 
  • Financial loss and psychological trauma
  • No medical facility in government hospitals
  • Arrest and punishment with imprisonment
  • Deportation to the country of origin
  • Lifetime banning for the visa processing by the government

Be careful

There are fake agents or intermediaries who use various means, strategies, and schemes to consume their unlawful acts. These middlemen are not registered Overseas Employment Promotors and not recognised by law or any other authority. They may offer you a ‘free visa’, promise you a healthy salary and good opportunities abroad, get you the fake documents required for travelling. 

Be observant, cautious, and vigilant about recruitment agencies. Always check with the government agency in charge of regulating or monitoring them. Make it a habit to double or triple check their current status:

Be vigilant

The agent can charge you more money than the required fees and they can out you under a life threatening situation during your journey to a foreign country. Know about the actual fees and procedures for going abroad by visiting your nearest Protectorate of Emigrant Office or visit / contact the MRC. The Government of Pakistan has a fixed cost for prospective migrants for specific countries.

Other risk factors

Even if you travel in a legal way to another country, however you may become an irregular migrant if you overstay your visa or work permit. Becoming an irregular migrant will put you in vulnerable situation in the foreign country.

You may be expelled or deported to Pakistan if you do not have legal permits to stay in a foreign nation.

We provide more information on this matter absolutely free of cost. Visit us at MRC Islamabad and MRC Lahore.

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