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Want to go abroad

Good! then make an informed decision. We can provide you the required information.

Going abroad to work and reside means that you have to temporarily leave behind your family, friends, your usual lifestyle, etc. This requires thinking, weighing on pros and cons, and evaluating the situation before making a decision. 

We can advise you and your family while taking a decision on leaving Pakistan. We can help you in number of ways by providing guidance and directions on various issues including:

  • the process and procedures involved in going abroad
  • overseas  employment opportunities
  • information on access to available government services
  • referral to other service providers
  • destination country specific information
  • skills training opportunities
  • para-legal, career and social counselling
  • migrants’ rights and duties
  • self-protection while living abroad
  • complaint mechanism 
  • foreign culture, rules and regulation
  • financial literacy
  • adaptation technique 
  • safe and successful return 

We have counsellors at Migrant Resource Centre, who are experts in migration. They will provide you timely and accurate information to make your migration a safe and successful one. You can reach the MRC counsellors by visiting the MRC offices or have one to one sessions via phone or messenger chat.  

All of our services are free! Rest assured about privacy because our counselling sessions are strictly confidential and private.

Visit us at our Islamabad and Lahore offices. We are at your service!

*Privacy Note: The Migrant Resource Centres applies ICMPD’s privacy rules and data protection principles. Click here to view ICMPD’s Privacy Note.