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We work with government and non-government agencies that support people like you- to inform Pakistanis who want to go abroad, who face trouble in another country or who want to return. We refer you to the right government agency or NGO who can help you in their area of expertise throughout your journey abroad. The following list of institutes and services might be of interest to you:

Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (MOPHRD)

The following organisations work under the Ministry:

  • Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment (BE&OE)
    The Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment is a centralized agency of the Federal Government for processing recruitment demands of the Pakistani manpower through Licensed Overseas Employment Promoters, etc. for the different manpower importing countries in the world especially in the Middle East.
  • Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)
    The Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) aims to look after the interests and welfare of overseas Pakistanis and their families by providing them multiple services and assisting them in seeking redressal for their grievances.
  • Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC)
    The Corporation is mandated to promote employment of professionals, highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower in foreign countries. Apart from meeting the specific and exacting standards of foreign employers, the Corporation also acts as a protector of emigrants to ensure the welfare of emigrant personnel and to promote harmonious working relationship between the employers and the employees.
  • Employees Old-age Benefits institution (EOBI)
    Provision of compulsory social insurance. It extends following benefits to insured persons or their survivors: Old-Age Pension; Survivor's Pension; Invalidity Pension; Old-Age Grant
  • National Industrial Relations Commission Islamabad (NIRC)
    NIRC regulates relation between employers and workers inter se. It deals with the unfair labour practice on the part of employers and workers, resolution of industrial disputes, registration of transprovisional trade union and unions in Islamabad, federation and determination of Collective Bargaining Agents.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a border control, criminal investigation, counter-intelligence and security agency under the control of the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan, tasked with investigative jurisdiction on undertaking operations against terrorism, espionage, federal crimes, fascism, smuggling as well as infringement and other specific crimes.

Passport Office

A must need to travel abroad is a valid passport. If you want to cross your own country’s border you will need a passport. You can apply for a machine readable passport through online or submit the application physically. Pakistani passports are issued by the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports of the Ministry of Interior from regional passport offices and Pakistani embassies.

Labour & Human Resource Department (LHRD)

LHRD is promoting the Welfare and Protecting the Rights of Labour Force and Workmen. The Labour & Human Resource Department is concerned with the Promotion of healthy labour management and Industrial Relations for greater socio-economic progress and development.

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