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What are safety and protection measures?

  • Appropriate knowledge about the working environment while making the decision to migrate.
  • Make physical and mental preparation to accept new food habits, which are most likely different from Pakistan.
  • Weather in the Middle East is totally different from Pakistan, so you need to bring appropriate clothes considering their environment.
  • Middle East countries strongly follow Islamic rules, so you need to prepare to maintain Islamic dress and practices.
  • You need to learn their language to maintain appropriate communication.
  • You need to deposit the salary on your own account.
  • You need to inform the employer and recruiting agency on details of a family member in case of an emergency.
  • You need to keep personal documents safely, especially passport, money, etc.
  • You need to keep contact details of the nearest hospital, police station, Embassy contact details, etc.
  • You need to collect some emergency contact numbers of community people.
  • You need to learn the laws of the country of destination.
  • After completion of the term of visa, you need to ensure an immediate return to the country of origin.
  • Always maintain a valid channel to send money like a bank transaction.

For more information, you may check these websites and regularly contact the MRC if there are questions or additional information needed: