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What if you do not like the work, what can you do?

If you do not like your work because you are not used to it, you should give yourself time to learn and adjust to it. It is not always comfortable to live and work in another country with a different environment, different people, and regulations. It will take time to adapt to the new routine, learn new work, adjust to new colleagues, etc. Do not give up at once. Talk with other co-workers as they might be experiencing the same feelings.

If you do not like the work because it is abusive, exploitative, or it violates your rights and welfare, then report immediately to the authorities or the Embassy or Labour Attaché.

If you do not like the work because it is demanding or difficult, discuss this with your employer or supervisor and suggest options to make the work environment better for you without also compromising productivity and other factors, mainly affecting your co-workers. Talk as well to other co-workers who have gone through the same experience, as they might give you advice or share coping mechanisms.

If the problem persists or recurs, then have a self-analysis and weigh the pros and cons of staying with your work or going back home. Some factors you might think about are:

  • Can you find other jobs which may have a lower salary but have less work demands?
  • If yes, will you still be able to pay your loans?
  • If yes, will you still be able to support your family?
  • Where can you find more happiness, peace, and satisfaction?
  • Are you willing to risk a lot for this job?