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The recruitment process through overseas employment promoter

Stage of the recruitment process


Foreign employer’s request

foreign employers send a demand letter to OEP (terms and conditions of a job)

OEP applies to the Protector of Emigrants Office for approval to process a foreign employer’s request.

Demand letter

Contract or foreign employment letter

PEO permission

Selection of workers

OEP advertises the job opportunities (number of vacancies, the job category, wages, and other terms and conditions);

direct selection when the employer nominates the worker

OEP issues a written certificate on the qualification of the selected worker

OEP prepares a foreign service agreement on behalf of the employer

OEP registers FSA with the Protector of Emigrants

Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

FSA (Foreign Service Agreement)

OEP cost

Letter of appointment or contract letter

OEP arranges a medical test for each hired worker

OEP explains to would-be migrants the detailed content of contracts, in their language

The letter of appointment or contract letter is signed by the employer and attested by Pakistan’s Embassy or Consulate in the destination country.

Medical certificate

Contract or foreign employment letter

Visa stamp

OEP applies for the visa stamp.


Passport (Rs. 3000-9000)

Visa fee

Requested documents by visa procedure

International transport - tickets

Embossment of passport

The person who wishes to migrate submits the documents for processing and verification

The documents are verified, and the complete case is forwarded to the Protector of Emigrant.

Protector of Emigrant officer signs (embosses) the passport

Adhesive Stamp (Rs. 200)

Bank Certificate / Service Charges



Insurance certificate (Rs. 2500)


Permission no

Protector fees

Registration fees (Rs. 500; Rs. 2500 for direct employment)

Welfare fund (Rs. 2000)

Orientation training

PoE officer provides an orientation to the migrant workers before their departure (on working conditions and labour laws in the destination country, the terms, and conditions of the foreign service agreement, the proper use of savings and remittances, common words or phrases of the language of the state of destination)